Be smart in changing your lifestyle!

Everyone’s health depends on the lifestyle. By giving up old, unhealthy habits and getting into new ones people can improve their well-being.

Girls’ and women’s lifestyles should always be analyzed in the context of their monthly periods. Our app provides you with perfect tools for this. You can analyze how your appetite varies throughout your cycle, examine your mood swings and physical changes. You may want to log other important information about your body, e.g., how a certain phase of your cycle impacts your weight.

We want you to not only find answers to your questions but also to apply this knowledge. By improving your lifestyle, you will improve your health!

Alarming symptoms?
Smart tips will help you get rid of health fears!

The menstrual cycle is accompanied by a variety of symptoms that can be disturbing and cause concerns. How valid are they?

Our service helps you 1) find out what may be causing your condition, 2) overcome fears and 3) learn how to listen to your body. By logging your cycle, describing symptoms and setting lifestyle parameters, you will discover amazing patterns that repeat in certain phases. You will receive customized reports about your health and other useful and reliable information.

We want you to spend less time worrying and more time cherishing yourself.

Plan pregnancy with us!

Planning a baby is a joyful event in every woman’s life! But it also means taking a responsibility for both your own health and that of your future baby so that you can significantly lower possible risks during pregnancy.

Our app will help you calculate the optimal day for conception and give you advice about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.